Our Background:


Active Youth Agency (AYA) formally known as Mundri Active Youth Association(MAYA) is among the oldest Youth Organizations in South Sudan.  It was founded on 10th November  2004 by youths of Greater Mundri Counties to strengthen and build the capacity of the war affected people of Southern Sudan in issues pertaining to their development. In its 13 years of existence, AYA has collaborated with more than 9 partner organizations and implemented over 15 community projects, but not limited to, health, education, food security, child protection and women empowerment.


AYA Membership:

AYA is a membership organisation with a democratic governance structure. The organisation’s structure provides for a General Assembly of fifty (50) members and Board of Directors headed by the chairman Rev. Paul Issa Leye and includes six (6) other prominent professionals (three board members are women). Additionally, MAYA has an Executive Committee that includes both administrative and programs and is currently headed by Mr. Repent Woro Odrande as the executive director.  At administrative level, AYA external finance audit was conducted.


“AYA envisages healthy, harmonious and vibrant society in South Sudan.”


“AYA exists to empower strengthen and build the capacity of communities through advocacy and   communication, socio-economic activities, health and civic education for peaceful coexistence in South Sudan.”


  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Team work
  4. Inclusivity
  5. Integrity
  6. Innovation